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Community Service

"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others." ~Mahatma Ghandi



Family is first! Loving and serving in my own family has always been the most challenging yet most rewarding part of my life.  The daily mundane service of a mother, father, or caregiver for their family members is the most unseen and least appreciated service in all the world. Yet, it is the most essential and influential service one can perform.  It is my belief that no organization outside the family should add undue burden on the family itselfIt is my goal as a parent-servant on the school board, to do all in my power to ease the burdens on families so they may focus on what is most important -- loving and serving one another within the walls of their own home. 



Whether serving as room mom, helping out in other classrooms, supporting the PTA events throughout the year or helping neighborhood children with their homework, it has been a joy to serve the schools, teachers and students of the Temecula Valley Unified School District.  (Pictured here: my daughter receiving her Coyote of the Month Award at Jackson Elementary School.)


Back to Basics Forum Friends.jpeg

Mentoring and life coaching youth and adults in our community and throughout the world has always been a passion of mine.  Ever since a child, I always felt drawn to those in need.  From mentoring at-risk youth in schools, to mentoring and supporting domestically abused women and children, to life coaching individuals in finding and living their life missions, to guiding others in how to cultivate more peace in their lives, the passion I have for sharing my heart and all I have with others has never faltered or waned but only grown stronger with time.  In the words of John Maxwell,  "Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others." 

(Pictured here: The Back to Basics Forum executive committee.)

Back to Basics Forum

Back to Basics.jpeg

I believe personal, family, community and national liberty will increase proportional to the rate at which individuals, families, and communities gain knowledge and live according to true principles.  Hence, in collaboration with others, I created the annual Back to Basics Forum to aid individuals in gaining knowledge, breaking the bands of personal bondages and becoming better equipped at strengthening their families and communities.  


Because people who do this literally change the world! 

This annual forum consisted of an adult track and a youth track of classes ranging from business and personal finance to healthy eating and natural living to U.S. Constitutional studies to overcoming addiction and so much more!  

Hosting this conference each year in Temecula was truly one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life. 

Annual Service Projects

Chuck Washington.jpg

For many years now I have been involved community members and leaders with annual community-wide service projects, such as Temecula Valley Helping Hands, and served for a time on the committee which helped to plan such events.  Over the years, I have served alongside community members and civic leaders in improving senior centers, serving wounded veterans, beautifying the Temecula Rose Garden, repairing fences, creating hygiene kits, painting schools and so much more.

Choices in Education

Choices in Education 2.JPG

The Choices in Education Conference was an annual community event designed to inform parents in the Temecula Valley of the many educational options available in the area. The conference vision was to build unity and cooperation between community public, private, and home schools and the various vendors offering quality classes, experiences, and events for youth.  Representatives from the different educational arenas, educational vendors, and parents all came together to gather information, ask questions, and learn for themselves which educational options may be best for their families.

Just Serve

just serve logo.png

I served on the committee which implemented the Temecula branch of the "Just Serve" organization in our area.  Just Serve offers on-going service opportunities to our community for individuals and families of all ages and sizes.  Happily, this organization is still going strong in our area.  Visit to learn how you can be involved in community service.

Community Service: Work
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