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I personally attended public school as a child, graduating with honors from Orange Glen High School in Escondido.  I went directly to college at age 17, majoring in Elementary Education with a Special Education emphasis.  I've always been drawn to children with special needs.  Some of the most rewarding jobs I've had have been working with them in the public school classroom, at church and in my own home.  

Additionally, I believe that all education is self-education and that personal education should never end!  Therefore, I've continued pursuing my own education by constantly learning new subjects, developing new skills, creating new venues for education in our community, and MORE!  I never stop learning. Ever.

One of the beauties of moving along the self-education path throughout your life is the ability to bring all your knowledge and learning together in wisdom while synergistically creating new and better ways of living for yourself and those around you. This is the way the world is changed for the better.  Will you be part of this change for the better in supporting me with your vote for TVUSD school board? 

Below, you may explore more of my 20+ year involvement in education...

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Education: Work
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