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"The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become." ~Heraclitus

Endorsements: Project

Rachel Demille

A Thomas Jefferson Education: Leadership Education


Brooklynn McClure is one of the most dynamic, creative and visionary leaders I have ever known. She has taken on projects akin to herding cats and made it look elegant. She has the unique ability to distill, from her experiences and observations, a workable plan of action that is compelling and communicable to others. Her bona fides as an educator are well established and her commitment to the process in both public and alternative arenas is unparalleled. With her broad experience in education, particularly in this transitional time where parent participation, funding and curriculum are all being challenged at the assumption-level, her voice would be an invaluable asset for both parents and educators alike.


Julie Farnbach

Former TVUSD School Board Member

District 4

It has been my honor to know and learn from Brooklynn McClure for over a decade. I've repeatedly seen her approach tough situations with patience and kindness, thoughtful insights and creative solutions, respect for individual freedom and dignity, all the while exuding warmth and humor. As a scholar with broad experience in education, leadership, and community service, Brooke is exactly the kind of servant-leader Temecula has come to expect and appreciate.

Hyrum Andrews.jpg

Hyrum Andrews

Temecula Valley High School Teacher; AP Chemistry/ AP Physics/ Chemistry/ Physics Teacher, TVHS Science Olympiad Coach Solar Cup Adviser AP Readiness Instructor

I have known Brooke McClure for twenty years. I have always been impressed and inspired by her leadership and passion for education. Her morals and integrity are strong and unwavering. As a high school teacher myself, I can see first hand how her 'Back to the Basics' approach to education is much needed in our community. Brooke's personality is bright, personable, and caring. She has the drive, vision, and leadership that our school board needs. If elected, she is one of the few people I know that would truly live and fulfill her oath to support and defend the Constitution. Brooke McClure on our school board would be a win for Temecula, and each of our children.

amy-headshots-10-retouched2 (1).jpeg

Amy Edwards, MAED

K-12 credentialed teacher

High School Coordinator, Pacific Coast Academy 

I have known Brooklynn for many years, and over all that time one quality that truly stands out is her genuine belief in and proactive support of quality education for all students.  Brooke has experience in homeschooling as well as the public school system.  She is continually participating in and even planning community service activities. I'm sure her desire to serve on the board is yet another opportunity to serve and make a difference wherever she can.

Brooke is well-versed in the diverse education needs of students.  She is a great listener with an open mind, which will make a great addition to the TVUSD board.  Brooke will bring knowledge and experience, but also a mind and heart open to the voices and needs of parents, students, and teachers.


Dr. Erik Lundquist MD

Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine

Medical Director

I wholeheartedly endorse Brooklynn McClure for school board.  I believe in these times of uncertainty and inevitable change she will provide an unequaled voice of compassion for our children and  help them achieve their fullest potential. She will provide incredible insights into how we can adapt our current education system to meet the needs of every child.  I hope you will take the time to get to know her and her goals for our children's education.  


Douglas Gibbs

Radio Host /Author/U.S. Constitution Teacher

Brooklynn McClure can best be judged by her track record.  She is a longtime resident who has been involved in education at all levels for many years, and does so with a fondness for the American System, and the U.S. Constitution.


Briana Tavano

Motivational Speaker/Author

Mrs. McClure is a leader and teacher of extraordinary talent and dedication. I have first-hand experience with her work in the classroom as a teacher, but also as the founder of Millennial Heritage Academy.  Every student stood out to Mrs. McClure making it easy for her to recognize which students were in need of a little extra assistance.  She involved the parents in the education plan and made learning fun and exciting. She will hold nothing back when it comes to fighting for our children and that is a leader I will gladly stand behind and join in the fight.


Pat Comerchero

Founder, Pennypickles Workshop (Temecula Children's Museum)

I am most definitely in support of your candidacy mostly because of your proven love of literacy and kindness.

Endorsements: Testimonials
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