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"Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work." ~C.S. Lewis

Family: Project

About the McClures

Growing up in the San Diego and Orange County areas, my husband, Russell, and I met during college and married 21 years ago.  We enjoyed living in La Jolla at the UCSD student housing while he finished his undergraduate and masters degrees in computer science engineering.  16 years ago, we moved our family to Temecula when he took a job locally.  We have been happily raising our family in the beautiful Temecula Valley ever since then and LOVE IT!

Our Children

In the Temecula Valley  Unified School District, our children are currently attending, or have previously attended, Jackson Elementary School, Gardner Middle School, and Great Oak High School.

In the past, a few of our children have also been enrolled in Inspire Charter School and Riversprings Charter School. 

Additionally, our children attended Millennial Heritage Academy private school here in Temecula where I also served as Principal.

We have also been involved in the homeschooling community for the past 15 years while utilizing this methodology for education.

During some years, we have done a combination of one or more kids in public school, one or more kids in charter school and one or more kids in homeschool. 

Each child is unique and each new school year is unique.  Therefore, as a family, we prayerfully consider the best course for each individual child each year and act accordingly. It's been a wonderful way to help each of our children individually reach their potential.

Family: Work
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