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I have extensive experience over the years in educating my children at home and being involved in various communities throughout the nation who do the same.  While homeschooling, we learned that the world is quite literally our campus!  Even while our family is immersed in the public school system now, we continue to carry with us the love of learning, the passion for education and the leadership education principles we gained during those years of homeschooling.  

I am a firm believer in family as the core of any civilization.  Therefore, I believe every parent is always a teacher, no matter what manner of formal education they choose for their children. 

As such, I highly endorse and have actively created resources, venues, conventions and events which empower parents in being leaders in their homes and in furthering their own self-education.  Such events have included the Choices in Education Conferences, Back to Basics Forums, leadership education trainings, informational meetings on how to healthfully address threats to families and children, workshops on how to teach children using hands-on methods, classes centered on the U.S. Constitution, and more.

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